Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disney's use of Subliminal Messages yet again.

Today, I have another Disney ad that I would like to talk about. This ad, however, isn't to promote sex or anything like that. This subliminal message is simply to promote the Disney Corporation. The ad is a movie poster for Pirates of the Caribbean's: Dead Man's Chest. The first link posted below is of the movie poster. Look at that one first. Then the link below that link is a picture of what the skull and torches are supposed to resemble.

See the resemblance? Because the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are made by Disney, Disney used the movie poster as a chance to embed the Disney logo subconsciously into people's minds in order to hopefully, increase sales. So how does this work? Why does Disney use these techniques?

According to the article, "What are Subliminal Messages?" Subliminal suggestions are more powerful than ordinary suggestions because they feed into the person's unconscious mind, or deeper mind. The article goes further to say that these subliminal messages can be compared to "hypnosis wherein the subject is encouraged to be (or somehow induced to be) relaxed so that suggestions are directed to the deeper parts of the mind..."

Knowing how subliminal advertising could work is a fairly good reason to use it, I suppose. However, Disney would have needed evidence of it working in order to be convinced to use this method of advertising. The article that I previously referred to recited the first well-known case of subliminal advertising and evidence supporting why it worked. The article talked about a New Jersey drive-in movie theater that flashed the words "DRINK COCA-COLA" and "EAT POPCORN" for 1/3000th of a second throughout a movie for six weeks. By the end of the experiment, the drive-in movie theater said that coke sales in the lobby increased by 58% while the popcorn sales increased by 18%.

Although the boost in sales could have just been coincidental, it is obviously good enough reason to at least try subliminal advertising. So Disney creating the Dead Man's Chest poster to resemble Mickey Mouse ears was a fairly smart move on Disney's part. Although there isn't any known evidence supporting an increase in Disney sales because of that poster, it doesn't mean that it wasn't intentional of Disney to make the poster that way.

I think that Disney definitely kept their logo in mind when making that poster. There is enough evidence out there to support subliminal advertising that Disney would at least try it. I think that if it is possible to hypnotize people then it is possible that subliminal advertising really works because both play on the same part of your brain. Considering the last blog post that I made about Disney, and this new one, it is evident that Disney uses subliminal messaging and advertising.

The next post that I make will hopefully be a different example other than Disney to show what types of companies use subliminal advertising.

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Nila said...

Even though I agree with the concept that sex sells. Walt Disney was a very big fond of naturism so if look closely, there's a naked woman in almost EVERY Disney movie.. I haven't found them (hahah, I'm looking for them) but they're there :)

So I don't mind and I never noticed until now, I dare say it didn't affect me when I was younger..

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